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Newsletter #20

 Hot Lunch February  

Ten Reasons to Choose A Christian School for your child.


1.      God’s Word is the Foundation of all Curriculum

2.      God Commands us to Teach our Children through the Word (Bible)

3.      The School shares your values (Christian values) and reinforces them always. 

4.      The School is a safer environment.

5.      Academic Achievement tends to be higher.

6.      Teachers serve as educational ministers who love each child.

7.      Your child is an individual not a number.

8.      Peer Pressure – Students are more carefully screened and less likely to have a negative influence.

9.      Public Education is not a viable alternative if you want a well rounded child academically, spiritually and socially.   


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Mission Statement:
Cornerstone Christian Academy of Cincinnati was founded for God by people led of God to assist families in the God given task of educating their children under Biblical standards.

Proverbs 22:6