Application process for Ed Choice Scholarship (based on school assignment) as well as Ed Choice Expansion Scholarship (income based)are available now. 

 Students in any grade who are assigned to failing schools and attending a public school now ( click here for the list) are eligible for the Ed Choice Scholarship

Students in Kindergaten or first grade whose families qualify financially (click here for the $ guidelines ) are eligilbe for the Ed Choice Expansion Scholarship.

These scholarships cover all or most of tuition that would be due for the school year!


If you are a Christ-centered family whose children attended a low performing public school last year or would be assigned to one this fall,  you may be eligible for free tuition to attend Cornerstone. 

At Cornerstone, there is a strong emphasis on good academics - a back to the basics in Math, Language, Science and Social Studies.  CCA also values the arts and technology.  The most important thing, however, is that all of this is done while placing a high priority on understanding God's plan for life and using the BIBLE as the filter for all truth!  Students are daily presented with a Christ - centered world view instead of a Man-centered world view!