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Why Support Christian Education with your Dollars?


Cornerstone Christian Academy began because Norwood Christian Academy, which had been in operation for over 35 years, closed it’s doors. There were two transitional years when we operated as part of another school. We have now been in operation as Cornerstone Christian Academy of Cincinnati, Inc. for five years. We are chartered by the State of Ohio as a private Christian School.  We also have a licensed Preschool for 3 and 4 year old children.  The school is governed by a school board that is elected by the parents.


When I attended public elementary school in the 1950’s, it was a relatively pleasant experience.  We pledged to the flag each day, sometimes memorized scripture and attended church school once a week.  The Gideons gave us Bibles and Christmas and Easter were Christian Holidays.  By the time I was in High School in the 1960’s, things had started to change.  I was challenged by teachers in class regarding my faith.  Peers were into alcohol and morality was definitely declining. 

Even the strongest, best Christian homes (and we know these are rare in today's society) have difficulty counteracting 1281 hours annually (16653 hours from Kindergarten through twelfth grade)  of peer pressure, secular curriculum, and unsaved teacher influence. Even if a teacher is Godly in the public school system, he or she is restricted by a secular government and can't build on the faith based training that we need for our children.  We can pray, we can do everything we can to train our children correctly but when we place them in a government school, we take a chance that they will be drawn away from the things of God by peers, curriculum, and even possibly teachers who have no understanding of the Truth. 


Christian education can take one of two stances.  One, it can claim to be evangelistic, admit any child who requests admission and then try to evangelize the child.  This doesn’t work.  It is the Church’s job to evangelize. Cornerstone Christian Academy exists to be an extension of the Christian family.  We offer a quality education based on the truth found in the Word of God.  We do see children saved but that is a result of Church, Home and School influence combined.  Our main goal is to disciple Christian children.

Our academics are strong. We stress the basics but also incorporate technology.  Our teacher/student ratio is approximately 1 (saved and dedicated) teacher to 6 children.  We offer music, drama, art, and emphasize the unique gifts and talents of each child.  Cornerstone Christian Academy is committed to working hand in hand with Christian Families to educate, inspire and motivate children to become the best they can become academically, spiritually and socially in a safe, happy environment.

  A small private school struggles to pay its staff and to meet its financial obligations.  Many of the families that we serve are not able to pay full tuition.  As a chartered religious school we have earned the right for some of our parents to receive scholarships from the State of Ohio.  This doesn’t help all of our students. As a ministry, we are committed to serving as many Christian families as possible. We serve families that are Caucasian, Hispanic (from Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico), African American, Bi-racial, and Asian.  We serve single parents, grandparent guardians, adoptive parents, and traditional families.  We serve children from Preschool through High School.  We serve families who willingly pay full tuition, and those who make great sacrifice to pay tuition, and those who, apart from generous gifts which underwrite their tuition, could never afford to send their children to CCA.

I come to you asking you to prayerfully consider supporting Christian Education.  Your one time gift can be given in memory of or in honor of someone.  Perhaps God will lay it on your heart to join the Beautiful Feet Team with a monthly gift to support Christian Education.

Someone has said “The world has yet to see what God can do with one man or woman completely dedicated to God”.  It is our prayer that you will partner with us as we encourage each boy or girl who attends CCA to be that one man or woman.

Thank you so much for letting me share my heart.

  2013 Footprints for Success Campaign


What is Happening to Our Church?

What is Happening to Our Church?                                                                                                                                                        By Phyllis Wilson

For the last five years I have struggled with the changes that are happening in our church and others like it.  I have tried to understand what was causing churches to go from wonderful, strong congregations that stood out in our community to weak and failing churches.  I have blamed the changes in leadership, the changes in demographics, aging congregations, and a lot of other things.  Today I realize that while these things may play some part, they are not the real problem.  America’s fundamental Churches have fallen victim to our society and its attack on the authority of God’s Word.  I have been reading “Already Gone” by Ken Ham and the Holy Spirit is bearing witness with my spirit regarding the truth of what it says.

  1. We have watered down the truths of Genesis by spiritualizing it.  We are ignorant as Christians as to how to answer false assumptions about the age of the earth and therefore we just say, “Faith”. 
  2. When I was in elementary school, America was still a Christian Nation. About the time I entered High School (the mid 60’s) there began to be an undermining of “truth” as absolute.  Even as a teenager, I saw a dividing of faith and science….of Christianity and what the world called reality.
  3. Today that begins in Pre-School as science programs on television, children’s museums and zoos, children’s books all present the false teachings of science regarding the age of the earth and creation.  Since these truths are fundamental to all other beliefs including those about the authority of the Scriptures, marriage, sanctity of life, fallen man and the need for redemption, this totally undermines foundational Christian beliefs.
  4. It carries on into elementary school and middle school where children are being taught pretty Bible stories at Church but Science as truth (which is in opposition to what the Bible says) in school. Studies show that 90% of fundamental church kids spend 35 to 40 hours a week in a public government school compared to maybe 2 to 6 weeks at most under Bible teachers.
  5. Most of the time spent in Church for Pre-School and Elementary students is spent listening to the Bible presented as stories not history without learning the very fundamentals that would help them know why they believe what they believe and to be able to give an understanding.  By the time they reach high school they have already formed a dichotomy in their belief system with religion being a “spiritual” thing while science teaches truth.  In High School this is re-enforced.  Even if the child stays in Church, his mind has left and it’s just a matter of time until his body follows.
  6. Not only has this affected the church by an exodus of its young folks, it has caused a lethargy that is unbelievable.  We sit in the congregation so defeated that we quench the Holy Spirit.  We have hurts and resentments against each other because the joy of the Lord has gone with our understanding of the authority of God’s Word.   We try in our own ways to have ideas or programs that will fix the problem, and when others don’t jump on board, we criticize and blame.  We think music will fix the problem, or feeding the poor, or having big programs or even soul-winning (which is a commandment) but we gloss over the real problem.
  7. Because of the strong influence of Science, we no longer interpret life by the Bible, but we try to make the Bible fit into the frame work set out by Science.
  8. Even the debate about which version of the Bible is the best has undermined the authority of God’s Word.  The problem is not the fact that the Bible has been translated – the King James was a translation.  The problem is that Satan has used it to cause people to question whether God is actually able to preserve His Word as He has promised.  If he can’t keep the promise to preserve HiHHis Word what else is He unable to do?
  9.  If we as Christians are not able to state why we believe why we believe….if we just cry “Faith”…in a world where Science has become a god….then we are doomed as a Church or other Christian Ministry.


  1. We have to equip our people starting with the youngest to the oldest to answer these questions and others that give foundation to their faith.



  1. Why am I here?
  2. Who is God?
  3. Who is Jesus and why is He the only path to salvation?
  4. Why the Bible and not other Holy Books?
  5. Why should the Bible be the authority in my life when making decisions and moral choices?
  6. Why set boundaries on sexuality and marriage?
  7. If we are decendants of one man and one woman where did all the different races come from?
  8. How does one determine the value of a human life?
  9. Dinosaurs and the Bible – how does that work?
  10. What is wrong with the world (suffering and death) when God supposedly made everything perfect?
  11. How can what is wrong with the world be made right?
  12. Does “Science” disprove or confirm history in the Bible?
  13. Why does the age of the earth really matter to me and my life today?
  14. Why is it important that I believe in a literal 6-day, 24-hour creation?
  15. Did we evolve from ape-like creatures?

What is the answer?

  1. We need to get into the Word as the Authority of our own life first. While other books support it and will teach us, none are to replace it.
  2. We need to take our calling very seriously as parents.  If we give our child every material advantage – music lessons, sports, name brand clothes and technology – if we love them and give them self confidence and a super education – but fail to give teach them that God’s Word is the only truth that we can trust – and give them answers to what we believe and not just platitudes – then we have miserably failed.
  • ·         If we are too complacent to spend time teaching them what we are learning daily from our own encounters with God’s Word, we have failed them.  Even if we invest our very lives to homeschool them , but fail to give them the true worldview based on God’s Word we fail them.
  • ·         If we place them in government run public schools in a nation that is Post-Christian and allow them to be taught falsehoods as fact we have failed them.   If we place them in a Christian School that is Christian in name only and does not equip them with a right worldview than we have failed them.
  • ·         If we put them in a Church that candy coats the Word in Sunday School or Youth Group – if we let them grow up thinking Church is our social outlet or entertainment source, we fail them.  WOW!  What a challenge to raise truly Christian kids in this society.


I am not a great theologian – just a Christian who has had lots of questions in the past few years.  I think this weekend I have found some answers as to why….now I plan to try to figure out how.  How can I change the slow decay of my church?  How can I make sure the things I have learned make me a better servant to those I have been called to influence?   


Will you take the challenge?  Read “Already Gone” and “Raising Godly Children in an UnGodly World” by Ken Ham.  See what you think?



Fixing our thoughts - Raising Godly Childen

I just read an awesome book by Ken and Steve Ham about the responsibility we have to leave a legacy for our children and was reminded about the overwhelming task we have to prepare our children to live a Godly life that will impact the world for good, and ultimately prepare them for eternity with God. It made me do some soul searching. Christians send their children to public schools that teach humanism, relativism, evolution, and tolerance of abortion, homosexuality, promiscuity and Godlessness. We put everything before their church attendance including sports, work, entertainment. We don't closely monitor what they see, or hear or do. We take them to churches that are more concerned with entertaining them and keeping them in safe places than impacting their souls with teaching. We seldom pray with them or open the Word of God to teach them. We rarely talk to them about our faith. Then we wonder why we are losing our children? 

I am just one woman whose heart hurts. If you think I am fanatical, I don't mind. But greater minds than mine are presenting facts that should shake us up! Read Already Gone, or Already Compromised, or Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World and if you are truly a Christian who cares about our kids, and America, your heart will hurt, too.



How many times have you heard someone say, “If I only knew what the future held” ?  We vacillate between wanting to know what the future holds and not wanting to know! 

I may not know all the details as I face another new year, but I am blessed to know this:


Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


I may not know the future, but I know the One who holds the future!