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Fixing our thoughts - Raising Godly Childen

I just read an awesome book by Ken and Steve Ham about the responsibility we have to leave a legacy for our children and was reminded about the overwhelming task we have to prepare our children to live a Godly life that will impact the world for good, and ultimately prepare them for eternity with God. It made me do some soul searching. Christians send their children to public schools that teach humanism, relativism, evolution, and tolerance of abortion, homosexuality, promiscuity and Godlessness. We put everything before their church attendance including sports, work, entertainment. We don't closely monitor what they see, or hear or do. We take them to churches that are more concerned with entertaining them and keeping them in safe places than impacting their souls with teaching. We seldom pray with them or open the Word of God to teach them. We rarely talk to them about our faith. Then we wonder why we are losing our children? 

I am just one woman whose heart hurts. If you think I am fanatical, I don't mind. But greater minds than mine are presenting facts that should shake us up! Read Already Gone, or Already Compromised, or Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World and if you are truly a Christian who cares about our kids, and America, your heart will hurt, too.

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